A strong, rotation-resistant clinching method for joining harder materials or multiple layers of sheet metal.


What is Lance-N-Loc?

Lance-N-Loc is a sheet metal clinching system which creates a strong mechanical joint by lancing the 2 long sides of the joint and gradually drawing the ends. The material on the sides of the joint is compressed and interlocked, while the gradually sloping ends allow harder materials to be joined making higher strength joints, all in a single press stroke.

Note: Lance-N-Loc is not leak-proof.


Lance-N-Loc Features & Benefits

  • Lance-N-Loc is a cold-forming clinching process. It does not use fasteners or welding.
  • Ideal for harder metals, or multiple layers of metals.
  • Maintains electrical conductivity.


The Lance-N-Loc process takes place in a single press stroke:

  • Step 1: The first step in the process involves the clamping of the material with a punch side stripper.
  • Step 2: Next, the punch draws the material into the die.
  • Step 3: As the material flows into the die, the die blades expand, allowing the metal to flow into a strong interlock below the bottom sheet.