BTM’s standard for clinching aluminium, and is also ideal for when visibility requires a rivet look.


What is V-Loc?

V-Loc is a visually improved Tog-L-Loc®joint which features a raised spherical inner diameter with a concentric outer ring. This design is intended to give the appearance of a more traditional fastener, but the process is essentially the same as the trusted Tog-L-Loc® joining method, which clinches sheet metals together using a punch and a die rather than the application of external fasteners or welding.


V-Loc Features & Benefits

  • Joints are aesthetically pleasing, strong, vibration resistant, and leak-proof!
  • Ideal for use in a location which will be seen by discerning customers.
  • Stronger than Tog-L-Loc® when joining some aluminium alloys.
  • Environment friendly – no fumes or sparks.
  • Non-Destructive checking.


The V-Loc clinching process is very similar to Tog-L-Loc® clinch joining. Each V-Loc clinch joint is typically created in less than a second and features three basic steps:

  • Step 1 (Clamps): A punch side stripper clamps the metals to be joined.
  • Step 2 (Draws): Next, a punch draws the metals into a die.
  • Step 3 (Locks): The Tog-L-Loc die has moving blades which expand, allowing the metals to flow into a strong circular interlock.

The end result is a vibration resistant, leak proof clinch joint created without the use of expensive external fasteners or heat to hinder the effect of coatings.


Originally developed to respond to a customer’s request for a nicer looking clinch joint button V-Loc also provides improved material flow within the clinch joint to increase its strength especially when joining certain aluminium alloys. A thicker side wall and improved interlock increase shear and peel strength by approximately 25% over Tog-L-Loc® when joining some aluminiums.


BTM has a long history of designing and building both standard and special equipment to help you successfully implement cost saving clinching solutions. From standard punch & die tooling to complex multi-process automated systems, BTM can design and build a solution that is right for you.